Being 747

The Band behind the EduPop Phenomenon

But who are these mysterious, labcoat-clad musical geeks? Where did they come from? What have they been up to all this time? Who are their heroes? All this and more can be found out below - read on....

BEING 747 are a pop/rock group based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. They’ve been playing together under this name since 2001. For their first 5 years, the group existed in the rock music scene, playing numerous gigs in venues up and down the country and touring/releasing two full-length albums (‘Fun & Games’ – 2002, ‘Health & Safety’ – 2006)

From 2006 onwards, they abandoned the traditional approach to rock music and started work on a new collection of educational pieces all about evolution, greatly inspired by the work of David Attenborough. Sharing a fascination with the wonders of the natural world, they decided to combine their musical and vocational skills to do something truly worthwhile and tell this incredible story. The project was named ‘AMOEBA TO ZEBRA’ and the aim was to take this dazzling concept show around schools to aid teaching about evolution with relevance to the national curriculum.

‘Amoeba to Zebra’ was premiered in front of PHD boffins at Leeds University’s ‘Rock & Beasts’ convention on deep-sea vent systems in June 2007. Since then, it has been performed to thousands of children in many schools of all backgrounds/denominations from Cornwall to Newcastle, even opening a new adventure playground at Slimbridge WWT along the way! Their unique show continues to evolve and now includes more sophisticated visuals, madcap costumes, narration, a menagerie of really wild props and audience interaction through question/answer sessions and workshops.

Being 747 are still touring ‘Amoeba to Zebra’ around schools, and the album of the was released in 2010. They have also been commissioned by the Dearne Valley Green Heart project (a partnership between The Environment Agency, The RSPB and Natural England) to write a bespoke show all about South Yorkshire’s ecological issues called ‘In The Valey’ that was performed in schools across the region in 2011. They have now finished a brand new full-scale educational show all about the history of science and classical physics called ‘The Clockwork Universe'. Along with an album release in the autumn, the show has started touring schools, festivals and science fairs from Summer 2012 to rapturous acclaim.

Being 747 are:

DAVE COOKE – Vocals, Guitar. Dave is the main songwriter in the group and has the uncanny ability to capture almost any obscure subject in engaging lyrical form. Dave is also a Ceramic Artist/Sculptor by trade & makes all the show’s props.

PAUL MORRICONE – Drums, Vocals. As a music video director/editor, Paul has been responsible for the all multi-media aspects of the show as well as contributing to songwriting.

STEVEN MORRICONE – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals. Steve is responsible for the management of Being 747’s activities as well as writing/arranging for the band.

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EduPop Productions is the creative partnership formed around the education-based work of rock band, Being 747. Our mission is to entertain, educate and inspire - combining the power of pop music with spectacular multimedia and high-energy performance in order to delivery a unique way of teaching science and much more.


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