• Amoeba to Zebra

Amoeba to Zebra

A Natural History Musical 4.6billion years in the making

Ever seen an insect-headed scientist play the guitar? How about a drumming buffalo, or perhaps even a bass-playing frog? All of this and a whole lot more can be witnessed in Being 747’s goofball science rock-opera, ‘Amoeba to Zebra’. Pop music and science fact come together in a full-on rock & roll show that tells the story of evolution through catchy song, incredible visuals and really wild props.

About the show
Bringing Biology to life - music and science come together for the first time in our spectacular live multimedia show. Find out more about Amoeba to Zebra here.
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The topics and themes we cover are detailed here in a synopsis of the show's content
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Listen to a selection of songs featured in the show.
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Feast your eyes on a selection of clips of recent live performances and some of the visual backdrop we use in the live show.
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Marvel at our labcoats and daft props in studio and live shots
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Read through some of the lyrical content of the show
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EduPop Productions is the creative partnership formed around the education-based work of rock band, Being 747. Our mission is to entertain, educate and inspire - combining the power of pop music with spectacular multimedia and high-energy performance in order to delivery a unique way of teaching science and much more.


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